How to auto change currency based on location in Shopify

Nowadays, there are few store selling products on one region with one language and one currency only. Shopify themselves have a tutorial to guide how to add multi currency to Shopify Theme. But today, I would like to tell you a bit further about how to auto change currency based on location in Shopify.

How to auto change currency based on location in Shopify

1. Adding new snippet and include it

From Shopify Dashboard, navigate to your Theme editor

Edit theme code in Shopify Debut Theme

Add new snippet with name shopifyexplorer.com_currency-by-location

After create this snippets copy this code bellow and paste into it

<script type="text/javascript">
window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
  (function($) {
    $(document).ready(function() {
      var currmap = {"BD": "BDT", "BE": "EUR", "BF": "XOF", "BG": "BGN", "BA": "BAM", "BB": "BBD", "WF": "XPF", "BL": "EUR", "BM": "BMD", "BN": "BND", "BO": "BOB", "BH": "BHD", "BI": "BIF", "BJ": "XOF", "BT": "BTN", "JM": "JMD", "BV": "NOK", "BW": "BWP", "WS": "WST", "BQ": "USD", "BR": "BRL", "BS": "BSD", "JE": "GBP", "BY": "BYR", "BZ": "BZD", "RU": "RUB", "RW": "RWF", "RS": "RSD", "TL": "USD", "RE": "EUR", "TM": "TMT", "TJ": "TJS", "RO": "RON", "TK": "NZD", "GW": "XOF", "GU": "USD", "GT": "GTQ", "GS": "GBP", "GR": "EUR", "GQ": "XAF", "GP": "EUR", "JP": "JPY", "GY": "GYD", "GG": "GBP", "GF": "EUR", "GE": "GEL", "GD": "XCD", "GB": "GBP", "GA": "XAF", "SV": "USD", "GN": "GNF", "GM": "GMD", "GL": "DKK", "GI": "GIP", "GH": "GHS", "OM": "OMR", "TN": "TND", "JO": "JOD", "HR": "HRK", "HT": "HTG", "HU": "HUF", "HK": "HKD", "HN": "HNL", "HM": "AUD", "VE": "VEF", "PR": "USD", "PS": "ILS", "PW": "USD", "PT": "EUR", "SJ": "NOK", "PY": "PYG", "IQ": "IQD", "PA": "PAB", "PF": "XPF", "PG": "PGK", "PE": "PEN", "PK": "PKR", "PH": "PHP", "PN": "NZD", "PL": "PLN", "PM": "EUR", "ZM": "ZMK", "EH": "MAD", "EE": "EUR", "EG": "EGP", "ZA": "ZAR", "EC": "USD", "IT": "EUR", "VN": "VND", "SB": "SBD", "ET": "ETB", "SO": "SOS", "ZW": "ZWL", "SA": "SAR", "ES": "EUR", "ER": "ERN", "ME": "EUR", "MD": "MDL", "MG": "MGA", "MF": "EUR", "MA": "MAD", "MC": "EUR", "UZ": "UZS", "MM": "MMK", "ML": "XOF", "MO": "MOP", "MN": "MNT", "MH": "USD", "MK": "MKD", "MU": "MUR", "MT": "EUR", "MW": "MWK", "MV": "MVR", "MQ": "EUR", "MP": "USD", "MS": "XCD", "MR": "MRO", "IM": "GBP", "UG": "UGX", "TZ": "TZS", "MY": "MYR", "MX": "MXN", "IL": "ILS", "FR": "EUR", "IO": "USD", "SH": "SHP", "FI": "EUR", "FJ": "FJD", "FK": "FKP", "FM": "USD", "FO": "DKK", "NI": "NIO", "NL": "EUR", "NO": "NOK", "NA": "NAD", "VU": "VUV", "NC": "XPF", "NE": "XOF", "NF": "AUD", "NG": "NGN", "NZ": "NZD", "NP": "NPR", "NR": "AUD", "NU": "NZD", "CK": "NZD", "XK": "EUR", "CI": "XOF", "CH": "CHF", "CO": "COP", "CN": "CNY", "CM": "XAF", "CL": "CLP", "CC": "AUD", "CA": "CAD", "CG": "XAF", "CF": "XAF", "CD": "CDF", "CZ": "CZK", "CY": "EUR", "CX": "AUD", "CR": "CRC", "CW": "ANG", "CV": "CVE", "CU": "CUP", "SZ": "SZL", "SY": "SYP", "SX": "ANG", "KG": "KGS", "KE": "KES", "SS": "SSP", "SR": "SRD", "KI": "AUD", "KH": "KHR", "KN": "XCD", "KM": "KMF", "ST": "STD", "SK": "EUR", "KR": "KRW", "SI": "EUR", "KP": "KPW", "KW": "KWD", "SN": "XOF", "SM": "EUR", "SL": "SLL", "SC": "SCR", "KZ": "KZT", "KY": "KYD", "SG": "SGD", "SE": "SEK", "SD": "SDG", "DO": "DOP", "DM": "XCD", "DJ": "DJF", "DK": "DKK", "VG": "USD", "DE": "EUR", "YE": "YER", "DZ": "DZD", "US": "USD", "UY": "UYU", "YT": "EUR", "UM": "USD", "LB": "LBP", "LC": "XCD", "LA": "LAK", "TV": "AUD", "TW": "TWD", "TT": "TTD", "TR": "TRY", "LK": "LKR", "LI": "CHF", "LV": "EUR", "TO": "TOP", "LT": "LTL", "LU": "EUR", "LR": "LRD", "LS": "LSL", "TH": "THB", "TF": "EUR", "TG": "XOF", "TD": "XAF", "TC": "USD", "LY": "LYD", "VA": "EUR", "VC": "XCD", "AE": "AED", "AD": "EUR", "AG": "XCD", "AF": "AFN", "AI": "XCD", "VI": "USD", "IS": "ISK", "IR": "IRR", "AM": "AMD", "AL": "ALL", "AO": "AOA", "AQ": "", "AS": "USD", "AR": "ARS", "AU": "AUD", "AT": "EUR", "AW": "AWG", "IN": "INR", "AX": "EUR", "AZ": "AZN", "IE": "EUR", "ID": "IDR", "UA": "UAH", "QA": "QAR", "MZ": "MZN"};
      $.getJSON('//', function(location) {
          var mycurrency = currmap[location.country_code];

After that, let’s include this snippet into theme.liquid file, include it before closing </body> tag like this:

{% include 'shopifyexplorer.com_currency-by-location' %}

They are all dead easy.


Hope that my tutorial help you a bit in launching a new store. Please share if you like this article and don’t forget to hit ads to helps me maintain this site. Thank you

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    1. In my code snippet, you need to change




  1. We have to add a new template or new snippet in sections with name “shopifyexplorer.com_currency-by-location” because you instructed in text that “Add new page template with name shopifyexplorer.com_currency-by-location” but in Screenshot below it, You are showing Snippet.

  2. Thank you for your help! I’m stuck on where to put the {% include ‘shopifyexplorer.com_currency-by-location’ %}

    I was able to create the snipped, but I don’t see a theme.liquid asset. I see a theme.js asset or a theme.scss.liquid. Theme.scss.liquid has no mention of currency in it, but it does have a “site nav and dropdowns section”. Is this where I’d add that snippet?

    1. Really? Your theme does not have theme.liquid file? That’s so strange. I bet that you used a custom theme or hired a developer to dev your theme before. If you did, please ask him to place this snippet for you

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